Will my insurance cover the costs?
Yes, we accept most insurance companies, however you may have a deductible, copay or co- insurance. As a courtesy we will contact your insurance company to determine your coverage. It is ultimately your responsibility to know your insurance limitations.

Will I experience pain during my physical therapy treatment?
In most cases, no. If you are being seen for pain, our goal is to have you feeling better during and after the treatment. If you’ve recently undergone surgery, you may have additional pain or mild discomfort. We make every effort to keep your discomfort at a minimum.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, our initial evaluation and treatments are extremely thorough so it is important to schedule adequate time.

Can I come without first seeing my doctor?
You can now access physical therapy directly, however, most insurances will only cover physical therapy under referral from a doctor. Call our office to see if your insurance allows for direct access.

If my doctor recommends physical therapy, do I have a choice of where to go?
Yes, you are free to select your provider as long as your insurance will pay.

If my doctor owns a physical therapy clinic, am I obligated to go there?
No, you are always free to choose the physical therapy provider that you prefer. The doctor should give you a choice of providers in the area near your home or workplace.

What should I expect when I visit your clinic?
During your first appointment, you will be required to fill out paperwork necessary for billing and a questionnaire regarding your medical history. The physical therapist will take you to the evaluation room, review your history, perform an initial evaluation and review your treatment plan and goals. After that, you will schedule future appointments and have an opportunity to ask any additional questions. On the next visit, no further paperwork should be necessary and you will begin treatment immediately.

How early should I arrive for my first appointment?
For your initial visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so all necessary paperwork can be completed. You can also download the registration form and intake questionnaire from our website.

How long will each appointment last?
This depends greatly on the treatment plan required, but the average time per visit is approximately 40 to 60 minutes.

What type of clothing should I wear to my appointment?
We generally recommend loose fitting clothing or shorts for hip or knee problems. If necessary, gowns or capes will be provided.

Should I expect pain after each visit?
Generally, you should feel little or no pain. However, under certain conditions, you may experience mild discomfort following the treatment. You can also apply heat or ice as per your physical therapist’s instructions. Should you experience any severe pain or have other concerns, please feel free to call our office and ask to speak with your physical therapist.

Will I be sore after the initial evaluation?
We do a very thorough examination and take special effort not to cause you discomfort. Occasionally, you may experience an increase in soreness or discomfort. Resting and taking your prescribed pain medication or over the counter pain relievers will help.

How long will it take to get an appointment?
In most cases, we can schedule you for an appointment within 24 hours.

How frequently will I have to undergo therapy?
Depending on your condition, most patients are treated two to three days a week for four to six weeks.
When I call the office, will I be dealing with an automated answering service or a live person?
In order to provide a higher level of personalized support, we do NOT use an automated answering service.

During the time that I am exercising, will supervision and/or assistance be available to me?
Yes, you will be closely monitored and supervised by our trained staff while exercising. Our goal has always been personalized patient care.

Will the same staff members work with me during each visit, or someone different?
It is in your best interest to work with the same therapists. This is possible as long as a consistent schedule is maintained.

How do I know that my treatments are working?
We use an evidence-based treatment approach, and although there are no guarantees, the vast majority of our patients experience an improvement in their condition. We track the progress of each patient with specific measures and then demonstrate that progress to you. A progress report is also sent to your doctor.

Are you owned by a chain, physicians group, or other large corporate entity?
No, we are locally owned and operated. We are all active in contributing to the local community with our time and resources.

How experienced is your staff?
The majority of our staff is very experienced and has been practicing for several years. Staff turnover is a rarity at our clinic, so there’s a high likelihood that you will be able to continue dealing with the same therapist should you return at a later time for treatment of another condition.

How much education is required for a physical therapist?
Now, most physical therapists have a doctor in physical therapy degree which requires approximately 7 years post high school. In years past, the doctoral degree was not offered so some physical therapists have a masters or bachelors level degree. Regardless, each physical therapist must pass the same state boards in order to be licensed.

What if I do not have insurance?
We have a special self-pay program. Please call the office for details.

Do you accept cash/credit/debit cards/HSA’s?
Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. We do not accept American Express. In addition, we offer flexible payment plans.

Do you prescribe medications?
No, physical therapists do not prescribe medication.

Do your appointments run on time?
In most instances, we run on schedule. However, occasionally something may happen which knocks us off schedule. We will always do our very best to maintain your scheduled appointment time.

Do your physical therapists stay updated on the latest techniques and continuing education?
Yes, we have a continuing education program that meets bimonthly. Also, we are required by state law to meet a certain number of approved clinical education hours each year. We are committed to continuing education and staying up to date on the latest research and technology.