Medication Therapy Management


medication therapy management cow toledo Ohio

Are you currently taking a laundry list of prescription medications, some over the counter and even some herbal remedies? Are you having trouble keeping up with the cost?

The average person saves up to $1000 per year by having their medication lists reviewed by a pharmacist!!!


  • Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR)
  • Personal Medication Review (PMR)
  • Medication Action Plan (MAP)
  • Intervention and/or Referral
  • Documentation Follow Up 

MTM is covered by most insurances. UT Pharmacy will bill your insurance.

  • Medicare 
  • Humanamedication therapy management cow toledo Ohio
  • Aetna MC
  • Anthem MC
  • Paramount Elite
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Caresource (A Medical Product)

Customer Testimonial:

"When I saw that CPW offered a Medication Evaluation with a registered pharmacist, I jumped at the opportunity. The pharmacist made the following suggestions:

1. That I ask my doctor about stopping a medication that was duplicated AND he did.
2. That I take two meds that make me sleepy just before bedtime.
3. That I should take my cholesterol at bedtime. Since your body makes cholesterol while you sleep, the medication is more effective.

Not only did they make great suggestions, they explained the reasoning behind the change.

I recommend this service to anyone who takes more than one medication per day!"

- Beverly S.

Please call (419) 841-9622 to sign up!