“Approaching Healthcare Differently.” Ok yeah. It’s a “tagline.” A tidy little moment of text meant to brand. But in this case, it’s deeply steeped in meaning. Authentic. Legit.

The pretty-cool-thing is, if you peeked behind the curtain, you would glimpse NOMS’ carefully constructed model of care.  Having no hand whatsoever in the crafting, I say with naked admiration – it’s kinda genius.  And we’re thrilled it’s catching on across the American healthcare scene. 

Basically.  It is a tactical effort; one wrapped snugly ‘round a 360-degree strategy to keep you healthy and well - at home

Hospitals are important - and we’re incredibly lucky to have them for serious interventions – but let’s face it, no one wants to end up in one.  At NOMS it’s all about getting out in front of health hazards our patients might face.  It’s prevention on as many fronts as possible – rather than cure.

So now more than ever, we’re on guard.  A mighty advantage we have in this time of mystifying pestilence is a nimble structure permitting quick adaptation.  Although we are a large independent-physician collaborative spanning Northern Ohio, we are pivoting deftly in concert to keep you safe.  Not every practice is employing identical safety measures, but every practice immediately adapted their structures – physical, digital and sartorial, to assure your safety.

Now many of our over 100 facilities are inviting patients to:

  • Relax in their cars until the exam room is available for the entire visit – including check-in and check-out
  • Delineating “sick” and “well” visit exam areas
  • Erecting clear protective barriers to separate front-end staff and patients
  • Spacing seating widely apart in waiting rooms
  • Wearing masks and requiring patients and visitors to don face coverings as well
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas often
  • Offering TeleMedicine  (Our team took what should have occupied months to roll out, and delivered digital appointments in only 48 hours.)


Please refer to the following documents, provided by Erie County Health Department regarding COVID-19 quarantine and isolation guidelines.


Our mission on any given day is entirely centered on keeping you well; and now – count us doubly fierce.  We’re all in this together.  And you can be sure we’re working overtime to keep you safe and the “locusts” at bay.

Lisa Nicolella

VP Marketing Communications