Prehab or prehabilitation involves getting your body...and YOU ready for surgery. The stronger and more flexible you are before surgery, the faster and less painful your recovery will be after the surgery. 

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You've found a surgeon to replace your worn-out knees or hips, you're surgery is scheduled, you've read all you can and talked to others who have gone before you. may feel trepidation. You wonder if you will bounce back quickly or struggle to get on your feet again? That's a good question. If you want a speedy recovery and an overall successful outcome, you need to do more than just have the surgery and hope for the best. You need to get in shape with prehab before your surgery!

What is Prehab?

Prehab is performed at least six weeks before surgery and is a conditioning program that includes strengthening, flexibility, and aerobic exercises. You are also instructed on exercises to perform at home and how to use the different assistive walking devices, such as a walker and cane.

"I completed a course of physical therapy at CPW after my first Total Knee Replacement (TKR). I started PT in the clinic, but once my stitches were healed I started aquatic therapy in the warm therapeutic pool. This was such a comfortable experience that I looked forward to going into my therapy! I continued with the warm water exercise well after my knee was successfully recovered.

A year later, it was time for my 2nd TKR. Much to my son's surprise, the recovery for my 2nd knee was much faster and less painful. The water exercise I had done prior, was Prehabilitation for my surgery! Immediately following the 2nd surgery, I could lift my leg and change position in bed with minimal difficulty. That was not the case with the 1st knee. I gladly share my story and promote Prehab at CPW without hesitation. Prehab should not be recommended, it should be a requirement before having a TKR!"

- Klea L.

PreHab Facility

Now that you have had a successful experience at CPW with Prehab, are comfortable with our staff, and are happy with the high quality of our services, why not choose CPW for your physical therapy after your surgery?


Prehab Options

Option 1 - Physical Therapy
Under the prescription of a doctor
Paid through insurance
Two to four weeks

Option 2 - $200 
Includes Well-Fit Assessment 
One-on-one sessions (6 weeks)

Option 3 - $100
Includes Well-Fit Assessment 
Six (6) weeks of any medical fitness program (unlimited)

Option 4 - $30
Includes Well-Fit Assessment 
Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit
Six (6) weeks of any medical fitness program (unlimited)


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