When I reflect on the factors that led to my health’s unlikely restoration, CPW Health Center (CPW) is the common thread. My arduous journey back to health began in 2006 after a horrific car accident left me with a back injury and, subsequently, the uphill battle that is fibromyalgia.

Ridden with unrelenting fatigue, stabbing pain, and the inability to do repetitive movements or lift over 2 lbs., I had few options when it came to rehabilitation. My doctor prescribed aquatic therapy at CPW, touting their excellence in the field and the best pool in the area. I spent 5 great years in that pool! They were 5 of the hardest years of my life, but, while I couldn’t do simple tasks on land like standing unsupported and holding my arms outstretched, I looked forward to feeling like Superwoman in the water, where the CPW staff graciously guided me through a gentle program that would encourage me to move within the confines of my feeble body. - Dana C. (Read the rest of Dana's Testimonial)

"Joel was very good and worked with me to meet my goals. He was always encouraging! For me, the staff is like "family". All of the clinic staff are very caring and pleasant. They work to meet the needs of the client. There isn't a better physical therapy facility than CPW! Thank you all for keeping me active for so many years - it's been wonderful!! Love you all." - Gilda

"My previous water therapy was in a much smaller pool. I feel my switch to CPW's heated pool is more conducive to beneficial exercise. I have enrolled in monthly classes to continue water therapy as the water exercises are very beneficial, lessening the pain in my hip and keeping me moving. The entire staff has been extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. There's ample parking and easy access to the ladies shower. CPW's pool makes my visits more enjoyable." - Lauralee B. 

“To instill hope, relieve distress, restore abilities and maintain independence are all inspiring goals for any health care professional. In the case of CPW, these goals are realized on a regular and continuous basis. As a family physician in Sylvania, Ohio, I have been a personal witness to the successful treatment provided by CPW, through my patient referrals, as the Medical Director to CPW and through my personal rehabilitation needs. My patients frequently reflect the caring, patient nature of the therapists and staff, as well as the willingness to work with the insurance related issues. Often in my practice, the response of successful therapy precludes the necessity of additional uncomfortable and expensive testing. When introduced early, physical therapy in conjunction with anti-inflammatory medication, can prevent unnecessary deconditioning and muscle atrophy. This will often help avoid a delay in healing and promote earlier restoration to wellness. In the past ten years or longer, the consistency of high quality care provided to my patients has made CPW my first choice in referrals when insurance permits. The number of patients that return for their future therapy needs, and the long distances they are willing to travel, testify to the excellence in the care provided.” - Darlene Fairchild, M.D.

"When I saw that CPW offered medication evaluation by a registered pharmacist, I jumped at the opportunity. They suggested I ask my doctor about stopping a med that was duplicated (which he did). They also suggested that I take two of the medications, that make you sleepy, just before bedtime. I was also told that it's better (more effective) to take those two medications at bedtime since your body makes cholesterol during sleep. Not only did they make suggestions, they explained the reasoning behind the change. I recommend this service to anyone who takes more than one medication each day." - Beverly S. 

“The entire staff was exceptional at all times! I was very impressed by their professionalism, but I was most overwhelmed by their genuine care and friendly nature! I always left feeling better and smiling!”  - Deborah R.

“After going to a few rehab facilities prior to my therapy at CPW, I feel fortunate to have had the knowledgeable and hands on care from their staff. The outcome from my therapy was very positive!” - Barb B.

“When I started therapy, I was unable to walk without a walker, lift my left leg or perform activities of daily living (like tie my shoes). Upon completion of therapy, I can do everything. I am very comfortable with my home exercise program and with resuming all of my daily living activities. I found the therapy staff to be extremely helpful, accommodating and personable. Their professionalism is outstanding and equipment is up to date.” - Alix G.

“Before starting physical therapy, I was in extreme pain across my low back and down my left leg. Soon after starting therapy, the pain lessened and I was able to sit at work all day without increasing pain. I continued to improve every week and now my pain is gone. I able to perform the exercises I was given on my own. I also keep a close eye on my posture. I enjoyed the people that work there and the facility is nice and clean. It was a very relaxing atmosphere.” - Cheryl C.

“Having aquatic therapy has helped me a lot! Since I started, I can now get out of a chair and go up and down the stairs easier and with less pain. The staff there is great and helpful. When I was discharged from aquatic therapy, I joined the Medi-Fit Program so that I can continue the exercises in the warm water. This has helped to keep my knees feeling better.” 
- Deanna S.

“I really appreciated my therapists guidance through my therapy. She listened to my concerns and made useful suggestions. It was a very positive experience and I would recommend CPW to my friends and family if they needed therapy.” - Sara N.