Thermography is non-invasive and can alert your doctor to physiological changes

Thermapproach, a new Toledo based imaging company, uses Digital Infrared Thermal imaging or Thermography to scan your body.

Thermography is a noninvasive test that can alert your doctor to indicators of disease and unexplained pain. Thermography is also useful in monitoring the effects of therapy in treating conditions and injuries such as: back injuries, arthritis, headache, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, skin cancer, and other diseases.

How It Works

Thermography imaging of breast cancerThermography is performed by a trained clinical thermographer using a highly sensitive
medical camera to take thermal images of the body. All living organisms radiate heat in specific patterns which are displayed via computer & interpreted by a qualified physician. Thermography allows for the early detection of physiological changes long before anything becomes structural enough to be seen by ultrasound or mammogram.

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