Total Joint Rehab

According to the most recent data from the CDC, there were 719,000 hip replacements and 332,00 knee replacements performed in 2010 in the United States. Physical therapy is a key component in a successful outcome following a total joint replacement.

CPW provides both pre-operative and post-operative Total Joint Rehab programs for people undergoing a joint replacement. 

Prehab involves getting your body...and YOU ready for surgery. The stronger and more flexible you are before surgery, the faster and less painful your recovery will be after the surgery. 

Following your surgery, our Total Joint Rehab program utilizes both physical therapy and aquatic therapy to:

  • restore range of motion
  • increase strength
  • improve mobility and balance
  • improve your ability to take care of yourself and perform everyday activities.


If you and your doctor have determined that a joint replacement is right for you, call CPW about our Total Joint Rehab program.

CPW will get you back to living a fuller and more active life!

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Total Joint Rehab Toledo Ohio