More and more, young athletes are finding themselves sitting out of the game rather than taking part in it due to various injuries that occur over the course of a sports season. Are certain athletes just more susceptible to sustaining these types of injuries or are we pushing today’s young athletes to the limit?

One of the more common injuries sustained in various sports is tendonitis. Tendonitis is an overuse injury that occurs when the tendon undergoes excessive stress – such as the type of stress experienced when kids are running, jumping, kicking, etc over a field or court. This can lead to increased swelling in the tendon, which is what causes some of these young athletes to first experience their pain. The reason this condition can be such a problem is that the tendon can be put at risk for a rupture if it is not treated properly. What puts young athletes at risk for this problem? Some of the issues stem from training on hard surfaces or having limited flexibility. But more and more commonly, one of the major issues is the lack of adequate rest between training sessions. Athletes are pushed to the limit to accomplish their sports dreams, but injuries can happen along the way, unfortunately, as a result of this pursuit.

When tendonitis occurs, the most important step is to retreat from those activities aggravating the tendon. Stretching and icing modalities can also be applied as a form of treatment. Taking anti‐inflammatory medications may be another way to manage the pain, though this in and of itself does not cure the problem. Utilizing special braces and wraps can also be an effective way to get the tendon on its road to recovery. Society needs to reflect on the amount of stress put upon young athletes today and realize the literal amount of stress this could be putting on these young individuals’ bodies. Moderation may be the key to both prevention and successful management of this problem. If you have a child who might have an overuse sports injury, such as tendonitis, please come see us!

William E. Donahue, DPM, FACFAS


Jennifer Zienkowski-Zubel, DPM